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Juniaer - A history of evolution

  Constituted in its modern phase by Elton Reis, Rodrigo Pantoja and Elton Uzai, we currently seek excellence in the manufacture of our products. Through the constant search for technical and technological improvements we seek to meet the expectations of our customers and friends by providing models and accessories of quality proven by the runways in Brazil and other countries.

Started in 1999, the history of Juniaer was written over the years and many model aircraft! Luke, A-29 and T-27 marked that time being made in balsa and ABS plastics. After changes, José Carlos Pantoja took over, introducing new techniques of manufacturing in composites bringing immense evolution in terms of quality and durability. A few years later, his brother Rodrigo and the Elton´s are in charge of continuing and improving the old models, introducing realism in reliefs and details never seen before and producing new ones, such as FW-190, P-40, NAT-6 and Spitfire, consolidating its specialty in scale model aircraft with surprising aerodynamic performance in both aerobatic performance and landing stability! In recent years, with much more knowledge, technology and joint collaboration, all efforts have been focused on the definitive Tucano T-27's, in sizes 20cc, 50cc and Turbo-Prop, marking in 2017 the beginning of a new phase of great achievements, evolution and achievements, always concerned with providing model airplanes with the highest quality possible and giving all the support to modelists and pilots!

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